The Bulletin VERITAS

The Bulletin of the Historical Society for Updating the Legacy of the Czech Reformation VERITAS (the Bulletin VERITAS) has been issued since 1993 for the information of the members according to the need — usually once a year. The Bulletin VERITAS summarises the activity of the elapsed period, there are issued the texts of the lectures with special historical recommended literature, commentaries on the current problems and event reactions.

On August 29, 2006 the Czech National Centre of ISSN assigned to the Bulletin VERITAS the International Standard Serial Number — ISSN. The printed version of the Bulletin VERITAS is now worldwide identifiable with ISSN 1802-1182. The on-line version of the Bulletin VERITAS downloadable on Internet at this address in PDF format has ISSN 1802-1190.

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1/1993 132 kB Summary of the issue
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5/1996 238 kB *) The electronic version of the issue is without Calendarium.
7/1998 197 kB
**) The electronic version of the issue is without graphics, decorative fonts and Calendarium.
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15/2007 537 kB
16/2008 500 kB
17/2009 549 kB
18/2010 824 kB
19/2011 346 kB
20-21/2012-2013 535 kB ***) The electronic version of the issue is without appendix “Tolerance Houses of Prayer and Waldensian-Huguenot Temples”. This small print will be published on some other place on the website.
22/2014-2017 213 kB  
23/2018-2021 1 MB Appendixes: General Milan Rastislav Štefánik And His Father Pavol Štefánik, Fifty Seminaries of VERITAS in Pardubice (1995-2019) Important Notice And Publication about the Virgin Mary Column
24/2022 NEW 1 MB  

Summary of Bulletin VERITAS Issue No. 1/1993

The first issue of the Bulletin VERITAS begins with the article by Eva Melmuková called Confrontation or Dialogue? (pp. 2–5). The author reflects there the new situation after the division of Czechoslovakia to Czechia and Slovakia by commemorating the historical tradition of the Czech nation. She touches upon the period of the Reformation and the communistic totality as well. Of course, she cannot mention the problem of Protestantism and Roman Catholicism. The article warns us against different misguided conceptions and explanations of the history. At the end she points out the effort of VERITAS to recognize the accurate identity of the Czech Reformation and also to make an earnest and clear dialogue in order to define the self-entity that supports the enrichment of one another.

The summary of the first year of the existence of the Society VERITAS, written by Kristoslav Řičař, brings a short message typically called One Year of the Work Behind Us (pp. 5–6). In the text there are mentioned the basic facts about VERITAS. There is also important remark about the successful establishment of contacts of the Society VERITAS with Protestants in Western Europe in the branch of history, museums and archives.

Vladimír Sakař in his article About the Historical Society VERITAS (pp. 7–8) approaches the work and goals of the particular branches of the Society.

Luděk Šmíd wrote the last essay of this issue of the Bulletin VERITAS. It is headed To Live in the Historical Context (pp. 8–11) and the author there notices the importance of the history and the moment of the traditions in actual life. He notices the phenomenon when the nation in time of trouble and compression returns to “the roots” of its culture. In this conjunction he also points to the legacy of Czech Reformation, the Unity of Brethren, the Kralice Bible and Protestantism in “Upper Hungarian Lands” (it means in contemporary Slovakia). At the end there is stressed the fact that even Czech state conception is not possible without accentuation of the traditions of the Reformation. To leave them out of consideration or even to falsify the worth of Czech Reformation in a calculated way could lead to the risk of the national self-entity of the Czech nation.