What is Registered Association VERITAS

VERITAS is a registered civic association according to the statute No. 89/2012 of digest of the Czech Republic, i.e. Civic Law Codex.

The Goal of the Society

The goal of the Society VERITAS is to study the history of the Churches of the Czech Reformation and to make the findings public by an appropriate way and to evolve the impulses of the Czech Reformation in these ways:

  1. Historical research in the branch of the history of the Christian Church focused on the Czech Reformation.
  2. Research in the branch of genealogy focused on the important ancestries of the protestant history.
  3. Presentations of the results of the research work to all that take interest in it, including young generation (exhibitions, lectures, work assemblies etc.).
  4. We also study current controversial problems (e.g. the cause of the Virgin Mary Column in Prague at Old Town Square, analysis of the papal declaration Dominus Iesus, marking up the content of textbooks for elementary schools concerning spiritual and religious topics with the delegation of the Ecumenical Council of Churches in the Czech Republic, etc.).

The focus of VERITAS is both interconfessional and ecumenical. VERITAS does not come under any Church or any religious society. Of course, it does not exclude that its members can be also members of any Church or religious society.

(More pieces of information about the goal of VERITAS are mentioned in the Regulations as well).

The Contact Data of the Society

Domicile of VERITAS:

Address: Kpt. Jaroše 1109/26
City: Lysá nad Labem
Postal/Zip code: 289 22
State: Czechia, Europe

Deployed Department and the Library of VERITAS:

Address: náměstí Zachariáše z Hradce 21
City: Telč
Postal/Zip code: 588 56
State: Czechia, Europe


+420 607 645 333 (available after 5 p.m. GMT +0100)


E-mail address

Data box:

ID: w8y9ve9

Person for contacts from Slovakia:

Mgr. Martin Fajmon, email: marfaj1981@gmail.com, telephone: +421 907 138 887



YouTube Channel

Identification Number (“” — valid for organisations in Czechia):


Value-Added Tax Identification Number (VAT ID; “DIČ”; we are not the payer of the value-added tax):


Association is registered:

Civic Association Register at City Court in Prague, part L, item No. 78516

Other Registrations or Membership:

Registration at portal ProPamatky.info in section Non-profit Sector

Bank Account Number:

National Format (only for inland banks in Czech Crowns — CZK)

National Format in Slovakia (only for inland banks in € — EUR)

International Format (for international payments in € — EUR)
IBAN CZ8520100000002600365926
SWIFT Address of the Bank: BIC FIOBCZPPXXX

The Past of the Society

Historical Society for Updating of the Legacy of the Czech Reformation VERITAS was established in December 1991 at the first Work Session (recently, the Work Sessions are held regularly in Velká Lhota near Dačice every July). On May 18, 1992 the official registration of VERITAS by the Ministry of the Interior of former Czechoslovakia was confirmed.

The Seminaries for Teachers and Others Concerned in History, Czech Language and Social Disciplines have been organised regularly twice a year in Pardubice since 1995. One year later the very successful Work Assembly of the Young Historians was held for the first time. Especially teenagers took a fancy to it.

The Present of the Society

Nowadays, the Society has 56 members. Some members of VERITAS are professional historians, however, the major part of members are, rather, favourers, fellows and others interested in the goals of the Society.

The Moderator of VERITAS for the current term of office is:

ThDr. Petr Melmuk, Th.D.

The Secretary of VERITAS for the current term of office is:

Mgr. Miroslav Soukup

Other members of the Administrative Board are (in alphabetical order):

Ladislav Dlouhý
Věra Pešková
Žofie Vobrová

The Inspecting Committee is constituted by:

Mgr. Martin Fajmon
Jiří Motyčka
Eva Turková, DiS.

The contact person of VERITAS for Pardubice Region is:

Ladislav Dlouhý

The contact person of VERITAS for Telč and its surroundings is:

Richard David

The Honorary Members of the Administrative Board of VERITAS currently are:

Ing. Libuše Havlíčková, CSc.
Mgr. Libuše Masarová
Vlasta Sodomková

The VERITAS webmaster currently is:

David Voříšek

The Inland and External Cooperation of VERITAS


VERITAS issues two periodicals regularly. The first is The Bulletin of the Historical Society for Updating of the Legacy of the Czech Reformation VERITAS (the Bulletin VERITAS) which has been issued since 1993 for the information of the members according to the need — usually once a year. The Bulletin VERITAS summarises the activity of the elapsed period, there are issued the texts of the lectures with special historical recommended literature, commentaries on the current problems and event reactions. Further, it also notifies members about the annual European Protestant Museums Conferences. The printed version of the Bulletin VERITAS has ISSN 1802-1182. The on-line version of the periodical downloadable on Internet in PDF format has ISSN 1802-1190.

The second regularly issued magazine of VERITAS is The Voice of the Centre of the Czech Reformation in Telč and Velká Lhota near Dačice (the Voice). The Voice has been issued since 1997 for the need and information of the members of the Society once a year. The Voice gives information about the happenings in the Centre of the Czech Reformation in Velká Lhota near Dačice during the elapsed year with a focus on the Work Assembly of the Young Historians and information about the Monument of the Czech Reformation and the Evangelic Toleration Area. The printed version of the Voice has ISSN 1802-1166. The on-line version of the Voice downloadable on Internet in PDF format has ISSN 1802-1174.

VERITAS distributes both the mentioned periodicals to the members free of charge (personally or sending by e-mail). Non-members can obtain it at the address of the Society after paying the expenses to the print or free of charge via Internet.

Occasionally, VERITAS also publishes some studies or monographs, work materials and aids for the study of the history of the Protestant Churches and ensures the distribution of it as well. It facilitates the spread of the special issued monographs to the members of VERITAS.

The Logo of the Society

Alfa Omega, Bible, calix The logo of VERITAS, confirmed and accepted by the General Assembly of VERITAS in May 2006 includes two main symbols of the Czech reformation. It is the Holy Writ — Bible opened for everybody and available to them in the intelligible language, the common symbol of all streams of the Reformation. There are two capital letters of the Greek alphabet written on the pages of the opened Bible: Α means the letter alpha, Ω means the letter omega. This two letters refer to the quotation from Bible in the Apocalypse, chapter 22nd, verse 13th, where stands: “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.” The verse talks about Jesus Christ, who even Bible witnesses faithfully about. Both Greek letters this way identify the opened book as just Bible. The opened Bible is supplemented in the logo with the calix, definite and coherent symbol of all of the ideal streams of the Czech reformation. The calix differentiated the Hussites and Calixtines from the other Christians. The calix was the symbol of the Compacts of Basle that come from the Hussites' second Article of Prague. Despite the return to the way of Eucharist according to the praxis of the first apostles, it challenged the Christians of the 15th century especially to the workaday acceptance of the equality of all people in front of God as well as in this world. The author of the graphic figuration of the logo of VERITAS was Mgr. Jiří Zejfart (1928–2015), former parson of the Evangelic Church of Czech Brethren.

For the people interested in VERITAS is offered the application of the member.