The Publications Published by the Society VERITAS

Occasionally, the Society VERITAS also originally publishes some studies or monographs, work materials and aids for the study of the history of the Protestant Churches and ensures the distribution of them as well. It facilitates the distribution of the special issued monographs of the members VERITAS.

This section of the website brings information about some of them.

Places of the Czech Reformation

Front page of the book:
Památná místa české reformace
Places of the Czech Reformation
Stätten der tschechischen reformation
Monuments de la reforme tcheque Publication:

  • a map with a commentary;
  • format A2, multilanguage (Czech, English, German, French), it commemorates and describes 36 monuments of Czech Reformation in Czech Republic and extra 18 in Prague.

Bibliographic data:
Places of Czech Reformation (map with a commentary), Pardubice 1995, format A2.


  • to order on the address of VERITAS
  • price 25 CZK (+postage)
  • you can have more exemplars as well


Recatholization in the History


  • an informative compendium processed by members of the Administrative Board of the Historical Society for Updating the Legacy of Czech Reformation VERITAS;
  • a study contains systematically sorted information — especially citations from books written by authors well acquainted with this problems;
  • it shows different forms of recatholization in the past in Europe from 16th to 19th century and in the World War 2 epoch; second chapter mentions examples of forms of recatholization in present (“the Huss' commission”, the Commission for Study of the Recatholization in Czech Lands, examples of the calculated falsifying of Czech history, the effort to comprehension of Antonín Koniáš to be a positive person, the canonization of Jan Sarkander despite of protests and the effort to reerection of the Virgin Mary Column at the Old Town Square in Prague).

Bibliographic data:
Rekatolizace v historii, VERITAS 2000–2002, 20 p.


  • available only in Czech
  • published on Internet (you can download the text below for free)
  • printed publication can be ordered in A5 format at the address of VERITAS for 20 CZK (+postage)

Download the study on Recatholization in the History
  rekatolizace.pdf (336 kB, Adobe® Portable Document Format)

Čestmír Rychetský: The Preachers and Congregations of the Czech nationality of the Churches A. C. a H. C. in Bohemia and Moravia 1781–1918


  • an index of all preachers and congregations of the Evangelic Churches Czech nationality — the Augsburg (Lutheran) and Helvetian (Reformed) Confession in the period before their mergence (described years 1781 till 1918);
  • every data about a preacher is followed by personal data and a list of places where he worked; congregation has written a complete list of all preachers and parsons and dates;
  • Czech-Latin design.

About the Author:
Čestmír Rychetský (*1921, †1987), evangelic parson (Evangelic Church of Czech Brethren), worked in parishes: Jindřichův Hradec, Velká Lhota near Dačice, Telč, Chomutov and Hradiště; research worker at the branch of Science of the Archives (archives of congregations); published special monograph: Tourist Guidebook Around the Chrudim Seniorat (1997)

Bibliographic data:
Rychetský, Čestmír: Kazatelé a sbory A. V. a H. V. v Čechách a na Moravě 1781–1918, Synodial Council of the Evangelic Church of Czech Brethren, Prague 1983. (1st edition)
Rychetský, Čestmír: Kazatelé a sbory A. V. a H. V. v Čechách a na Moravě 1781–1918, VERITAS, Telč 2008. (2nd corrected and perfected edition)


  • available only in Czech or Latin
  • the second corrected and perfected edition published on Internet (you can download the text below for free)
  • You can currently download from the second edition only the first part: The Pastors of H. C., who came from Hungary after the Patent of Toleration was issued in 1781. Other parts will gradually follow.
  • printed second edition of the publication can be ordered in A5 format at the address of VERITAS for 20 CZK (+postage)

Download the second corrected and perfected edition of the book
  rychetsky.pdf (185 kB, Adobe® Portable Document Format)

Mutual Familiarization: The First Czech-Korean Conference on January 18, 2018 in Prague


  • the conference was held in ECCB's congregation house in Prague 8 - Kobylisy;
  • the conference was held together by Presbyterian Church of Korea and Historical Society VERITAS within mutual project "The Net Among Continents";
  • as the title indicates, the main goal of the first conference was mutual familiarization of spiritual traditions and christianity in Czechia and on the Korean Penninsula;
  • the compilation consists of the lecture about Czech Reformation by Dr. Melmuk and the lecture by Prof. Chung on Protestant christianity in Korea;
  • there is not the presentation about Women Peace Movement Halmoni;
  • both lectures are included in full version in Czech and in English.

About the Authors:
ThDr. Petr Melmuk, Th.D. (*1961), Protestant parson (Evangelic Church of Czech Brethren), working in Telč congregation. He lectured Bible studies and Bible archeology at Hussite Theological Faculty of the Charles University in prague, now teaching at John Huss Institute of Theology (CHC) in Prague. The Moderator of the Historical Society VERITAS.
Rev. Dr. Byung-Joon Chung, reverend of the Presbyterian Church of Korea, professor of religious history at Seoul Jangsin University in Seoul and at Faculty of Liberal Arts of  EWHA Womans University in Seoul (Korean Republic). Besides church history he also publishes studies and monographs on modern Korean history.

Bibliographic data:
CHUNG, B. J. – MELMUK, P. – VOBROVÁ, Ž. (ed.): Vzájemné poznávání: První česko-korejská konference 16. ledna 2018 v Praze. Telč: VERITAS, 2021, 32 p.


  • available in Czech and English
  • the compilation is published on Internet (you can download the text below for free)
  • printed edition of the compilation can be ordered in A5 format at the address of VERITAS for 30 CZK (+postage)

Download the compilation
  korea2018.pdf (482 kB, Adobe® Portable Document Format)

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