Bibliography of the History of the Czech Reformation

In this section of the website should be in future a functional bibliography handbook. It should manage to help to the researchers focused on certain epochs of the history of the Czech Reformation to find out, what has been already written and published about some question. We wish it to be a constantly updated and logically sorted list of the most of book titles and special articles on the phenomenon Czech Reformation (in different historical periods and regional circumstances.

Compiling this bibliography will take great and time-expensive effort, of course. For the present we offer at least a digital version of a handbook that has in its time of issue an ambition to become something similar (however with narrower sight). Currently, plenty of new titles miss there, of course. Nevertheless, we think it can be a temporarily and limited substitution of our prepared bibliography. Available only in Czech.

The Aid to the Study of the History of the Evangelic Church of Czech Brethren and Its Congregations. Handbook of the Synodical Council of the Evangelic Church of Czech Brethren, Prague 1982.

Download the bibliographic handbook
  biblio.pdf (177 kB, Adobe® Portable Document Format)