The Memorial Action — Anniversary June 21, 1621

Anniversary of the 27 Representatives of Czech Estates Execution in Prague at Old Town Square

The Historical Society for Updating the Legacy of Czech Reformation VERITAS arranged till 2012 together with other corporations (Unity of Constance, Czechoslovak Hussite Church in Prague, Corporation of the Natives and Friends of Town Žatec, Czechoslovak Community of the Legionaries, Masaryk's Corporation, Huss' League, Slavonic Board of the Czech Republic, Czech Community of Sokol, Society of John Jesenius, Scout etc.) the annual session of piety on June 21 at the day of the anniversary of the execution at the Old Town Square.

Because of the fact that the own role of VERITAS when arranging this event was only formal and other organizers did not want to change it despite our multiple efforts, the Administrative Board desided at spring 2013 that VERITAS will not appear among other organizers anymore. The event has been moved among recomended events since 2013.

This meeting has always this stable form: At 18 o'clock lectures to the anniversary at the St Nicholas Church at the Old Town Square, several words of some offspring of the executed, then a concert and finally putting flowers on the memorial board near the Old Town Hall.

For the documentation see the invitation cards with programs from several last years bellow.

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