E-mail Address

By reason of protecting against unwanted emails (i.e. spam) it is not possible to cite a direct link with at-sign on the website.

Contact us at the email address:


Instead of “[X]” in the address type the at-sign
(e.g. by pressing the combination of the keys: left ALT+64 on the numeric keypad).

We DO NOT WANT to receive any advertisements at this address. Thank you for the understanding.

Digital Signature

We use OpenPGP digital signature for signing our outgoing emails and for receiving encrypted messages.

Public key of our signature:

  • Key ID: 0x4015798B
  • Key fingerprint: 196C 6643 78CA B620 7811 D595 289A 59A9 4015 798B
  • Keyserver: x-hkp://pool.sks-keyservers.net