Calendarium 2023

CALENDARIUM (important anniversaries) 2023

Spring 863 The missionaries Constantine and Methodius came to Moravia.
20/02/1523 * Jan Blahoslav, Bishop of the Unity of the Brethren, theologian and historian, translator of the New Testament into Czech.
04/12/1563 The Council of Trent concluded, aiming to strengthen the Roman Catholic Church during the Reformation.
21/07/1773 The Society of Jesus (Jesuit Order) was abolished by a papal bull.
28/09/1903 The Unity of Constance was founded.
1953 The Evangelic Church of Czech Brethren ordained the first women as pastors.


02/01/1783 The first Czech Protestant worship services after the Toleration Patent were held in Prague.
04/01/1343 Jan IV of Dražice, Bishop of Prague.
04/01/1433 Arrival of Czech delegates at the Council of Basel.
04/01/1928 † Samuel Zoch, Lutheran Bishop in Slovakia, who contributed to the education of Ján Smrek.
15/01/2003 † Milan Machovec, Czech philosopher.
15/01/2008 † Jan Heller, theologian, religious scholar, biblical scholar, and professor at the Charles University’s Protestant Theological Faculty.
21/01/1688 † Daniel Sinapius Horčička, priest, rector, and editor at the Brewer printing press in Levoča.
23/01/1923 * Amedeo Molnár, university lecturer, and historian.
28/01/1853 * Vladimír Sergeyevich Solovyov, Russian philosopher, friend of Dostoevsky, highly regarded by Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk.


01/02/1878 * Milan Hodža, statesman, Chairman of the Czechoslovak government
08/02/1903 † Karel Eduard of Lány, evangelic pastor and Czech superintendent of the Augsburg Confession in Černilov, founder of Luther’s Institute in Hradec Králové
09/02/1753 * Václav Matěj Kramerius, writer, journalist, and publisher
18/02/1923 † Alois Rašín, the first Czechoslovak Minister of Finance, as a result of an assassination
20/02/1523 * Jan Blahoslav, Bishop of the Unity of the Brethren, theologian and historian, translator of the New Testament into Czech
21/02/1888 † Jozef Miloslav Hurban, evangelical priest and organizer of the Slovak national movement, editor, publisher
28/02/1728 * Jozef Bencúr, evangelical priest, professor, and rector of lyceums in Kežmarok and Bratislava


02/03/1458 George of Poděbrady was elected as the Czech king (ruled as the “king of the dual nation”)
05/03/1953 † Josef Vissarionovich Stalin, one of the victors of World War II, communist dictator
10/03/1948 † Jan Masaryk, Czechoslovak politician and diplomat
17/03/1713 † Juraj Jánošík, famous Slovak outlaw and hero
19/03/1553 † Václav Hájek of Libočany, Czech chronicler
19/03/1923 * Miloš Josef Pulec, clergyman of the Old Catholic Church
20/03/1493 † Jan of Pomuk, archiepiscopal vicar, later mistakenly identified with St. John of Nepomuk, a saint of the Counter-Reformation
23/03/973 bishopric established in Prague
25/03/1023 † according to tradition, St. Procopius, founder and abbot of the Sázava Monastery


03/04/1893 † Bedřich Vilém Košut, Hussite-minded evangelic clergyman of the Helvetic Confession
04/04/1968 † Martin Luther King, Baptist preacher and fighter against discrimination in the USA, assassinated
07/04/1348 Charles IV founded the university (Charles University) in Prague
09/04/1933 † Dušan Fajnor, bishop of the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Slovakia
13/04/1598 French King Henry IV of Navarre allowed Calvinism (legalized Huguenots) in France by the Edict of Nantes
19/04/1713 Pragmatic Sanction, an edict by Emperor Charles VI on succession in Austria, including his daughters if no sons are alive


02/05/1863 * Martin Braxatoris Sládkovič, priest, writer, and translator
03/05/1728 Publication of Daily Watchwords of the Unity of the Brethren began
07/05/1458 Ceremonial coronation of George of Poděbrady as the King of Bohemia
13/05/1923 † Charlotta Garrigue Masaryk, wife of the first president of Czechoslovakia
16/05/1923 * Anežka Ebertová, theologian, professor at the Hussite Theological Faculty of Charles University in Prague
23/05/1618 The Third Defenestration of Prague – representatives of the kingdom were thrown out of the windows of Prague Castle for not adhering to the Letter of Majesty by Rudolf II, marking the beginning of the Thirty Years’ War
24/05/1213 † Queen Dagmar, daughter of Přemysl Otakar I and wife of Danish King Valdemar II
29/05/1453 Fall of Constantinople (Istanbul) into the hands of the Ottoman Turks (one of the ends of the Middle Ages)


03/06/1918 Establishment of the Hieronymus Unity, a charitable organization of evangelic churches in the territory of today’s Czech Republic (still contributes to the restoration and maintenance of church buildings of the Evangelic Church of Czech Brethren)
07/06/1938 † Josef Souček, the first synodal senior of the Evangelic Church of Czech Brethren
10/06/1783 Cease of deportations of so-called deists and Israelites to Banat and Transylvania
14/06/1798 * František Palacký, “father of the nation,” prominent Czech politician and historian
15/06/1923 † Jozef Ľudovít Holuby, senior, botanist, ethnographer, and historian
19/06/1623 * Blaise Pascal, French mathematician, physicist, writer, theologian, and religious philosopher
21/06/1621 Execution of 27 leaders of the Czech Estates uprising at the Old Town Square in Prague, including Ján Jesenský, a physician and diplomat originally from Slovakia
24/06/1983 † Zdeněk Trtík, Czech theologian, clergyman of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church, writer, and professor at the Hussite Theological Faculty of Charles University


05/07/1903 Laying the foundation stone of the Jan Hus Memorial at the Old Town Square in Prague
06/07/1415 † M. Jan Hus, burned at the stake in Constance
10/07/1913 † Mikoláš Aleš, painter and graphic artist, author of numerous paintings with Hussite themes
11/07/1963 † František Bednář, historian, theologian, and professor at the Protestant Theological Faculty of Hus and Comenius in Prague
13/07/1923 * Miroslav Heryán, Czech Brethren theologian, educator, and Esperantist
22/07/1423 † Gilles Meursault, burned at the stake in Tournai
21/07/1773 Suppression of the Society of Jesus (Jesuit Order) by a papal bull
23/07/1433 Pavel z Kravař, Hussite emissary and physician, burned at the stake in St. Andrews, Scotland


11/08/1948 * Jan Palach, Czech Brethren Evangelic, member of the congregation in Libiš near Neratovice
17/08/1753 * Josef Dobrovský, priest, Jesuit, Czech philologist, founder of Slavic studies
20/08/2003 † Luděk Brož, clergyman, professor at the Protestant Theological Faculty (ETF) of Charles University in Prague
21/08/1968 Occupation of Czechoslovakia by the Warsaw Pact forces
23/08/1868 * Dušan Jurkovič, architect and builder
28/08/1843 * Augustin Sedláček, historian, castle researcher, and genealogist
29/08/1523 Ulrich von Hutten, German scholar, poet, and reformer


08/09/1783 * Nikolaj Severin Grundtvig, Danish evangelical preacher, politician, and writer
13/09/1943 * Otakar Antoň Funda, philosopher and religious scholar
23/09/1928 Unveiling of the tomb of Gen. Milan R. Štefánik on Bradlo Hill
24/09/1483 Hussites foiled a conspiracy planning the massacre of Hussites in Prague (the Second Prague Defenestration)
27/09/1973 † Štefan Osuský, politician, diplomat, member of the Czechoslovak exile government in London during World War II
28/09/1903 Establishment of the Unity of Constance
29/09/1923 † Antonín Cyril Stojan, Roman Catholic clergyman, politician, and Archbishop of Olomouc
30/09/1938 Signing of the Munich Agreement (“dictate”)


01/10/1873 Laying the foundation stone for the completion of the new part of St. Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle
05/10/1773 Decree by Empress Maria Theresa ordering the Jesuits to leave all colleges in Bohemia and relocate
05/10/1843 * Čeněk Dušek, the last Czech superintendent of the Helvetic Confession, co-founder of the Unity of Constance († 23/11/1918)
11/10/1424 † Jan Žižka of Trocnov, brilliant Hussite military leader
18/10/1883 * Martin Rázus, Lutheran pastor, writer, and politician
21/10/1973 † Gustav Adolf Říčan Jr., Czech Brethren preacher, church and regional historian
26/10/1903 Foundation of the Czech Diaconia
28/10/1928 Establishment of independent Czechoslovakia
27/10/1413 Master Jan Hus completed his Czech Postilla.
31/10/1517 World Reformation Day (Dr. Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the church in Wittenberg on this day)


03/11/1918 Toppling of the Marian Column at Old Town Square
04/11/1763 * Karel Václav Ignác Thám, Czech national revival philologist, poet, author of Defense of the Czech Language
05/11/1618 † Eliáš Lányi, superintendent and author of spiritual hymns
05/11/1953 † Dr. Ferdinand Hrejsa, professor at the Hussite Theological Faculty, historian
10/11/1483 * Dr. Martin Luther, theologian and reformer
18/11/1883 Reopening of the National Theatre (after the fire in 1881) with a ceremonial performance of the opera Libuše by Bedřich Smetana
26/11/1858 * Mária Royová, social worker and deaconess
30/11/1393 Matěj of Janov, precursor of Hus, disciple of Jan Milíč of Kroměříž


02/12/1923 * Miloslav Hájek, Evangelical theologian, translator, clergyman, and synodal senior of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren (ČCE)
04/12/1563 Conclusion of the Council of Trent, which aimed to strengthen the Roman Catholic Church during the Reformation
11/12/1528 Lukáš Pražský, theologian and bishop of the Unity of the Brethren
18/12/1863 * František Ferdinand d’Este, heir to the Austrian throne, intended to federalize the Habsburg monarchy
22/12/1973 † Ladislav Machoň, Czech architect, author of the Jan Amos Comenius Memorial in Naarden