The Toleration Period Monument in Vysoká

The Toleration Period Monument in Vysoká is located in the Central-Bohemian region — near Mělník (map; vinicity detail). It is besides the Centre of the Czech Reformation, or the Monument of the Czech Reformation in Velká Lhota near Dačice, the second “nodal point” of the Protestant Museums' Net in the Czech Republic connected with the Czech Reformation. It was constituted by the Parish Congregation of the Evangelic Church of Czech Brethren in Mělník (Krombholcova street No. 548, Mělník, Postal/Zip code 276 01, Czechia, E. U., ☎ +420 315 622 482). The Monument is administrated by the Board of the Toleration Period Monument Vysoká, established specially for this purpose.

The Monument consists of the realties complex owned by former independent evangelic congregation (originally Reformed Helvetian Confession) in Vysoká. First it is the toleration evangelic church from 1786, adjoined with the cemetery (currently municipal) and a parsonage. It is significant memorial of the Toleration Period.

In October 2003 there was a small exposition opened in the former mortuary from 1891. Its name is: “The Toleration Period in the Heart of the Czech Land”. The exhibition covers the area from the Mt. Říp across Prague to Mladá Boleslav Environs. First two from all twelve exhibit-boards describe briefly the Toleration Period in sum, next boards addict to the evangelic congregations grown up at the area in the Toleration Period. It means congregations in Vysoká, Nebužely, Mělnické Vtelno, Kovánec, Lysá nad Labem, Kšely (near Český Brod), Libiš (near Neratovice), Prague, Ledčice, Krabčice, Ctiněves and German evangelic congregation in Habřina/Haber (near Úštěk). To every mentioned congregation it is added historical and current photograph of the sacral buildings.

The Whole Monument and the exhibition are opened to public, the visitor should announce on !!!NO.SPAM.kasackova[zavináč] or !!!NO.SPAM.sestakova[zavináč], voluntary entrance fee.

In future the exposition will be enlarged with a part addicted to pastors in the Toleration Period and another focused on the Toleration evangelic music (at the church galleries). In the corner of the cemetery there will be made an outlook with an orientation-scheme and marked directions to all congregations.

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The Evangelic Church in Vysoká — view from the south, view from the north, church interior (the southern gallery).

Photography No. 1 Photography No. 2 Photography No. 3

The former mortuary in the cemetery corner, there is the exposition Toleration Period in the Heart of the Czech Land; a display of an exhibit-board.

Photography No. 4 Photography No. 5 Photography No. 6

Photos from the opening celebration of the exhibition October 12, 2003; the Municipal Mayor of Vysoká Vladimír Hokeš during the oration in the evangelic church, the author of the exposition — college lecturer Eva Melmuková talking about the Toleration Period.

Photography No. 7 Photography No. 8