The Regulations

The Regulations
VERITAS — Historical Society for Updating the Legacy of the Czech Reformation, r. a.

1 The Name, Domicile and Activity of the Society VERITAS

1.1 VERITAS — Historical Society For Updating of the Legacy of the Czech Reformation, r. a. (hereinafter only VERITAS), is a registered association which has its domicile at this address: Telč, Square of Zachariáš z Hradce No. 21, postal/zip code 588 56, Czech Republic, Europe.

1.2 The activity of the Society VERITAS is realised in the entire territory of the Czech Republic.

2 The Goal of the Activity of the Society VERITAS

The object of VERITAS is to study the history of the Churches of the Czech Reformation, also in comparison with similar streams in European context, and to make the findings public by an appropriate way. It wants to manage that by way of:

2.1 It realises the historical research in the branch of the History of the Christian Church especially in Czech Lands focused on the Czech Reformation.

2.2 During it VERITAS cooperates with historians of all Churches and with the public as well.

2.3 The results of its work are issued by way of publications and articles in the periodical and other magazines and journals.

2.4 It compiles the genealogies of important personalities of the Reformation.

2.5 It cooperates with archives and museums of Churches, which follow the Czech Reformation.

2.6 It holds lectures, excursions and tours with the historical concern.

3 Membership in the Society VERITAS

3.1 The regular member of VERITAS is an individual, who send a written application, pay the specified annual amount of member's fee even in the minimum amount and finally is accepted by the Administrative Board and want to help VERITAS in whatever way. The Administrative Board makes the decision about new member at its nearest session after delivery the application.

3.2 The member of VERITAS is not further the member:

3.2.1 If he announces in writing that he secedes,

3.2.2 If he has not paid the member's fee even in the minimal amount in three consecutive years,

3.2.3 If he is excluded by the General Assembly for his acts against the Regulations and against the focus of VERITAS.

3.3 The decision about the end of membership according to constitution No. 3.2.2, or about the exclusion due the constitution No. 3.2.3 will be delivered to the member.

3.4 A citizen of foreign states is allowed to be the member of VERITAS as well.

3.5 The list of members is not open to the public, it is administered by one member of the Administrative Board. Whichever member of VERITAS, who applies and pays costs for it, will receive a certification of all his/her personal data from the list of members, sent by this member of the Administrative Board.

4 The Duties and Discretion of the members of the Society VERITAS

4.1 Every member is allowed to be at the General Assembly session, to offer there at the time intended for it his comments and suggestions. Member older than 18 years is allowed to elect the officials of VERITAS and to be elected. Every member without any difference is also allowed to cooperate on all actions held by VERITAS.

4.2 The duty of the member is especially following the Regulations and General Assembly's and Administrative Board's decisions.

4.3 All officials of VERITAS do their duties without recompense requirement.

5 The General Assembly

5.1 The General Assembly is the supreme body of the association.

5.2 The General Assembly is held annually.

5.3 The Administrative Board convenes the General Assembly with a written invitation that contains place, time and suggested programme of the session.

5.4 The General Assembly session is convened at least 14 days before it is held.

5.5 The Administrative Board convenes the extraordinary General Assembly session, if at least one third of regular members or the Inspecting Committee ask for it.

5.6 The General Assembly is able to make a decision when at least 50 % of all members is present. If it was convened properly and 30 minutes after the scheduled beginning there still miss members, then the Assembly is able to make a decision in the quorum of present members.

5.7 Members act during the General Assembly either personally or through the agency of their deputies with a power of attorney.

5.8 Also non-members of VERITAS can participate in the Assembly as observers.

5.9 The session is opened and led by the moderator, in his absence an elected chairman. The person who opens the session verifies if the quorum is sufficient. He/she also arranges election of person who will record all decisions, verifier of the record and scrutineers as well.

5.10 While voting, the General Assembly makes the decision by the simple majority of all present members  (except the constitution in No. 5.21). In case of the equality of votes the vote of the Moderator makes the decision; if Moderator is not present, the vote of the elected chairman of the session makes the decision.

5.11 During the General Assembly session, five members of the Administrative Board and at least two alternates are elected. Then three members of the Inspecting Committee are elected as well. Members of the Administrative Board, alternates and the Inspection Committee are elected for four-year-long term.

5.12 The candidate is elected by votes of the majority of present members. If the equality of votes occurs, the Moderator, in case of his absence the voted chairman of the session, draws a lot to select the candidate.

5.13 According to the suggestion of the Administrative Board the General Assembly establishes the work sections in these branches: branch of research, archive branch, genealogy branch, editorial branch, branch for co-operation with the public, etc. These work sections are allowed to work in long term or in short term according to the dimension of their projects.

5.14 According to the suggestion of the Administrative Board the General Assembly establishes local departments of VERITAS.

5.15 Works sections as well as local departments are not separately legal subjects.

5.16 According to the suggestion of the Administrative Board the General Assembly establishes the leaders of the particular work sections and local departments for four-year-long terms.

5.17 The General Assembly elects particularly worthy members of the Society as honorary members of the Administrative Board with claim to participate its sessions with an advisory vote. The honorary membership is life-long, unless the member secedes from VERITAS.

5.18 The General Assembly reviews and approves the annual message of the Administrative Board about the past period and the annual account and audit reports as well. It decides about using of profit or shortfall of the last financial period.

5.19 The General Assembly approves the plan of activities for the next year, financial budget and long-term intentions.

5.20 The General Assembly assesses the minimal year amount of the member’s fee.

5.21 The General Assembly approves and if it is necessary also adds to the Regulations of VERITAS.

5.22 If there is a suggestion about the change of the Regulations, it is necessary to have the approval of two thirds of all present members.

5.23 The General Assembly makes the decision about the dissolution of the Society VERITAS and also about further usage of its possession in virtue of the approval of minimally two thirds of total amount of members of VERITAS in the epistolary voting (per rollam).

5.24 The process of the General Assembly and its decision has to be recorded and the record has to be completed in 30 days. From the record it must be clear who has convened the session, how and when it was held, who opened and led it, which officials were elected, which decisions were agreed and who and when made the record.

5.25 To every member of VERITAS, who asked for it, the Administrative Board will send the record from the session.

6 The Administrative Board of the Society VERITAS

6.1 The Administrative Board is the statutory body of VERITAS. It manages the actions of the whole society and executes all things except that, which are reserved for the General Assembly only.

6.2 The term of office of the Administrative Board lasts four years.

6.3 The Administrative Board holds its session at least four times a year. The Moderator or the Secretary convenes it.

6.4 The decision of the Administrative Board is valid only if at least three members are present. A member votes at the session either personally or he/she can delegate other member of the Administrative Board for voting in his/her absence in particular object.

6.5 The Administrative Board makes its decisions by the way of voting. The decision is valid, if more than one half of the present members (or delegated votes from other members) approve. In case of the equality of votes the vote of the Moderator makes the decision.

6.6 During its constitutive session the Administrative Board votes for the Moderator, the Secretary and establishes the cashier. The member is elected to the function by votes of the majority of all present members of the Administrative Board. The term of office of these officials ends immediately when the same official is elected for the next term of office.

6.7 Particular leaders of the work sections or local departments are invited to the session according to the need. They have only an advisory vote.

6.8 The advisory votes have during the sessions of the Administrative Board also the alternates until they are in case of demission of any member of the Administrative Board called to his post. The order of the alternates for calling to be a member of the Administrative Board is according to the order during the election, respective the amount of votes. If they had the same amount of votes and they cannot concert each other about their order, the Moderator, in case of his absence the Secretary, draws a lot to select the member.

6.9 Every member of the Administrative Board represents VERITAS in public separately.

6.10 The Administrative Board will assign one member the task of legal acts in relation to employees and people working for VERITAS according to the Employment Agreement.

6.11 The process of the Administrative Board’s session and its decision has to be recorded.

7 The Inspecting Committee

7.1 Membership in the Inspecting Committee is incompatible with the membership in the Administrative Board (except honorary membership).

7.2 The Inspecting Committee supervises if activities of VERITAS are administered properly and if the association work according to the regulations and legal rules. When the Inspecting Committee finds any imperfection, alerts the Administrative Board, alternatively the General Assembly.

7.3 In the range of competences of the Committee its authorised member is allowed to control financial bills and require explanations from Administrative Board's members to particular issues.

8 The Economy

8.1 VERITAS is registered association, which manages its possession independent.

8.2 Handling with the association property, realisation of economic activities as well as their legal conformity is responsible the Administrative Board is responsible as whole.

8.3 The main activity incomes of VERITAS are: member’s fees; profits from actions held by VERITAS; profits from sold publications pertinent to the object of VERITAS (commission sale of those publications also for other subjects included); profits from sold Touristic Tokens and promotion items pertinent to the object of VERITAS; profits from the property (interests); gifts and bounties; profits from contributions; profits from sponsorship.

8.4 The main activity expenses of VERITAS are: expenses of the actions held VERITAS and common operation of VERITAS (i.e. e.g. stationery, copying, expenses of printing and bookbinding of publications pertinent to the object of VERITAS; expenses of producing of the Touristic Tokens and promotion items pertinent to the object of VERITAS; expenses of running the website of VERITAS; fees and remunerations for services provided for VERITAS; postage).

9 Local departments of the Society VERITAS

9.1 In case of the need, the local departments of VERITAS without legal subjectivity can be established. They follow the Regulations of VERITAS.

10 Closing Provision

10.1 VERITAS – Historical Society for Updating of the Legacy of the Czech Reformation, registered association, is the successor of VERITAS – Historical Society for Updating of the Legacy of the Czech Reformation, civic association, identification number 61381071, found on May 18, 1992 and registered by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic according to the statute No. 83/1991 of digest of the Czech Republic, on civic associations.

10.2 Honorary membership in the Administrative Board, granted by this civic association before these Regulations became valid, is valid also for VERITAS – Historical Society for Updating of the Legacy of the Czech Reformation, r. a.

10.3 These Regulations were agreed by the General Assembly on May 14, 2016.

Civic Association Register at Regional Court in Brno, part L, item No. 1924
Identification Number 61381071

The Regulations novella was accepted by the register court on June 30, 2016.

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