Exhibition of the Czech Reformation in the European context

J Protestant Museums in Europe

J 1 Protestant Museums in France and Italy

1. Basic net of Protestant museums in France

základní síť protestantských muzeí ve Francii

2. Location of the Museum of the "Church on the Desert" at Southern France

muzeum Církve pouště

3. Area of the contact of Waldensians and Huguenots, i.e. French Protestants

území dotyku valdenských a hugenotů

4. Museums of the "Waldensian Valleys" in Northern Italy

muzea valdenských údolí

J 2 Protestant Museums in Germany and Hungary

1. Waldensian Museum in Ötisheim–Schönenberg commemorates the presence of Waldensian exiles from the end of 17th century.

Valdenské muzeum v Ötisheimu-Schönenbergu

2. Melanchton's House in Bretten describes the personality of the "Teacher of Germany" and Luther's colleague Philipp Melanchton.

Melanchtonův dům v Bretten

3. Especially the museum in Wittenberg excels with richness of documents among museums about the personality of great German reformer Martin Luther. You can enter there even to ancient Luther's home.
– Also the castle Wartburg is interesting and other expositions.

muzeum ve Wittenbergu a hrad Wartburg

4. The arrival of French exiles – Huguenots to Berlin is remembered in exposition of the so-called French Cathedral in Berlin.

výstava v tzv. francouzském dómu v Berlíně

5. Museum exposition in Debrecen describes the history and life of the Reformed Church in Hungary.

muzejní expozice v Debrecenu

6. Interesting documents from the history of the Lutheran Church in Hungary has gathered the exposition in Budapest.

expozice v Budapešti

J 3 Toleration Congregations in Austria

1. Toleration congregations in Austria were established in a similar way as those in Bohemia and Moravia.

Toleranční sbory v Rakousku

2. The first information about the Patent of Toleration gained Protestants under Mt Dachstein. They spread it farther away.

pod Dachsteinem

3. The whole action in the first toleration congregation in Gosau was initiated by a woman – brave Brigitta Wallner.

toleranční sbor v Gosau

4. The only one toleration congregation in Lower Austria was found, because local citizens – lumberjacks – moved there from the area upon Dachstein.

dřevorubci v Dolních Rakousích

5. They brought to their new home also the wealthiest treasure – Bible.

Bible dřevorubců v Dolních Rakousích

6. They found the toleration congregation in Mitterbach near well-known target of pilgrims Mariazell.

toleranční sbor v Mitterbachu

J 4 Expositions Connected with the Czech Reformation in Czechia

3. The beginning of the Czech Reformation is remembered at the M. John Huss' Memorial in Husinec in Southern Bohemia.

Památník Mistra Jana Husa v Husinci

4. Annually, there is held an assembly in front of the Memorial on July 6th, with presence of official authorities.

shromáždění 6. července

6. Museum of the Printing Work of Kralice (originally the Bible Museum) mentions ancient printer skill of Brethren as well as the importance of own Kralice prints. New exposition of the Moravian Museum from 2001, authors of the photo-documentation PhDr. Slavomír Budesser and Karel Šabata.

Muzeum kralické tiskárny

J 5 Toleration Period Monument in Vysoká

1. Historical buildings in Vysoká near Mělník

Historické budovy ve Vysoké u Mělníka

2. Evangelic Toleration Area in Vysoká near Mělník – ground plan

Půdorys Evangelického tolerančního areálu

3. The range of the toleration congregations documented in Vysoká

Okruh tolerančních sborů

4. The Regional Museum in Mělník in newly reconstructed building at the square – partner of the special consultation

Okresní muzeum v Mělníku

5. From the Regional Museums in Mělník collection: Illuminated Evangeliary of Mělník from 12th century

Iluminovaný mělnický evangeliář