The VERITAS Library

The Society VERITAS pursues a reference library of the special historical literature generally for the purpose to enable the study of the history of the Czech Reformation, the Churches of the Czech Reformation and everything that comes from the Czech Reformation. There are books in the VERITAS Library that are not available or that you usually cannot borrow even in the regional scientific libraries because of their old age. The VERITAS Library with a small researcher's reading room, is located in the domicile of VERITAS in Telč, Zachariáš of Hradec Square No. 21, Vysočina region, Jihlava district (GPS: N49°11.015′ E15°27.234′).

The library allows the present loans only. It is open according to need not only for the members of VERITAS. You should make an appointment to visit the library at least two weeks before by calling ☎ +420 567 243 888. (Accommodation for one or more nights is possible in rooms administered by the Evangelic Church of Czech Brethren congregation in Telč, directly in the Library. You ought to book a room by calling the number above especially in the season as early as possible.)

Because of practical reasons, all the people concerned with study in the Library please download in your own interest the attached electronic catalogue of the library. You can learn there, if the necessary book is in the library, and then make an appointment as it is written above.

Download the electronic catalogue of the library
  knihovna.pdf (773 kB, Adobe® Portable Document Format)

The catalogue is available only in Czech. On the first page there is explained the principle of the numbering of books in the library. The next pages are the catalogues themselves, ordered 1. by inventory numbers, 2. by surname and name of the author and 3. by the name of the document.

The catalogue shows the situation of the Library VERITAS on July 9, 2020. There are in sum 2220 registered volumes.

Free Digital Books

The impossibility of reediting of the important books from the Library in VERITAS due to finances (i.e. mostly books currently available neither in scientific libraries nor in antiquities) has forced us in our effort to approach them to readers to choose digital publication on our website. These books are now available for free:

Download Digital Books for Free
(Files are in *.PDF, i.e. Adobe® Portable Document Format. Available only in Czech.)

BEDNÁŘ, František — HREJSA, Ferdinand: Patent of Tolerantion, its Origin and Importance

National Emancipation Union, Prague 1931.


  • a magazine on 150th anniversary of the Patent of Toleration issue
  • written by professors of the Church History of the Huss' Faculty of Theology in Prague
  • The first part of the magazine is an article by Dr F. Bednář: Patent of Toleration, its Origin and Importance. The author gives there about the basic and compendious information about the beginning of the Toleration Period, offers an analyze of the Patent as a juridical norm.
  • The second article is special writing by Prof Dr F. Hrejsa: Patent of Toleration from October 13, 1781. Professor Hrejsa describes the historical context of events pertinent to the Patent, issued by Emperor Joseph II. Hrejsa evaluates briefly the situation before the toleration, and mentions circumstances how the secret non-Catholics compelled the Patent. Then he writes a short outline of the development of the evangelic Churches till author's time (1930's).
  • The last part of the magazine contains The Text of the Patent of Toleration in Czech.

Download the book (300 kB)
Download the book in original pagination (for correct citations) (328 kB)

HREJSA, Ferdinand: John Végh

To 150-year-anniversary of the Toleration. Blahoslav's Society's Edition, Prague 1930.


  • special historical monograph
  • Professor of the Church History of the Huss' Faculty of Theology in Prague Dr F. Hrejsa brings in his tract (which has not been outdone yet) about the biography of one of the most important toleration preachers János Végh.
  • The monograph is also the essential literature for the early development of the toleration congregation in Libiš (near Neratovice), partly even for other places where pastor Végh worked, too (e.g. Lysá upon Elbe, Nebužely).
  • The Hungarian noble and graduate theologian J. Végh granted the invitation of new creating toleration congregation in Libiš and came there in 1783. Despite various troubles (disfavour of authorities, language barrier) managed Libiš congregation successfully to set in the new situation of the toleration period. His credit of the whole evangelic Church in Czech Lands is great (for example he did not hesitate to solve some problems of the Church even personally with Emperor Joseph II.)

Download the book (521 kB)
Download the book in original pagination (for correct citations) (578 kB)

MELMUKOVÁ-ŠAŠECÍ, Eva: The Meeting after Two Centuries

Handbook of the Synodical Council of the Evangelic Church of Czech Brethren, Prague 1983.


  • historical fiction
  • a narration inspired by actual facts from the Toleration Period, drawn up as a fictive tour around the area where later arose the evangelic congregation in Velká Lhota near Dačice
  • 14 dialogues with historical people documents circumstances and hardness' connected with application to the evangelic belief
  • “Meetings” were also continually issued in the Evangelic Weekly Sparks of Constance
  • then completely published to the 200th anniversary of the Patent of Toleration as a handbook of the Synodical Council of the Evangelic Church of Czech Brethren “for internal demand of the congregations”
  • scheme of orientation of the tour and reconstructions of two villages mentioned in the text added

Download the book (455 kB)