Events Calendar

Events that VERITAS plans and prepares

The actions organised by the Society VERITAS are held regularly and mostly at the same places.
Further information about the regular events are mentioned in the section “What Is VERITAS » Events”.

Date Name Information
June 24, 2017 Narration of the Lime-tree of Velká Lhota (not seen for 80 years) a lecture by doc. PhDr. Eva Melmuková during the opening ceremony of the exhibition of the same name in former mortuary in Velká Lhota near Dačice (held by the Association of Supporters of the Czech Reformation Museum in cooperation with VERITAS)
July 4 to 11, 2017 The Work Assembly VERITAS inTelč special historical library and archive sorting, maintenance and servicing in Velká Lhota near Dačice and in Telč; it is necessary to apply for the attendance before
July 6, 2017 Memorial of Master John Huss' Martyr's Death Anniversary in Velká Lhota near Dačice  From What Sang Our Predecessors (old hymnals and songbooks) - connected with the opening ceremony of hymnals exhibition in church (held in cooperation with the Association of Supporters of the Czech Reformation Museum)
October 2017 Maintenance Voluntary Work in ETA in Velká Lhota near Dačice regularly voluntary work held in autumn after the touristic season is done by members of the Local Department of VERITAS in Telč and Velká Lhota near Dačice with other volunteers
October 21, 2017 XLVI Seminary for Teachers and Others Concerned in History, Czech Language and Social Disciplines in Pardubice topic:
The History and Present of Protestantism in Northern Europe (J. Dlask)