Events Calendar

Events that VERITAS plans and prepares

The actions organised by the Society VERITAS are held regularly and mostly at the same places.
Further information about the regular events are mentioned in the section “What Is VERITAS » Events”.

Date Name Information
October 2022 Maintenance Voluntary Work in ETA in Velká Lhota near Dačice (volunteers members as well as non-members of VERITAS and the Association of Supporters of the Czech Reformation Museum will do the cleaning after the end of the touristic season)
October 22, 2022 LIV Seminary for Teachers and Others Concerned in History, Czech Language and Social Disciplines in Pardubice tentative main topic:
Martas - Protestant Women's Philantrophic Associations (P. Dočekal)
October 27 to 29, 2022 Extraordinary Voluntary Work in Telč (volunteers will move furniture to new library rooms and store books into cardboard boxes)
November 9, 2022 Conference of Museums and Historical Societies of the Czech Reformation in Czechia (2nd online meeting of this year will start at 6 o'clock p.m.)
May 2023 Extraordinary Voluntary Work in Telč (volunteers will empty original room and move the archive and place books into new bookshelves)