Changes on the website

The changes of english version of the website of VERITAS

Date Changes
March 3, 2024
  • Several new recommended events added to the list.
February 13, 2024
  • The list of events in future updated, inc. those recommended.
December 30, 2023
  • The obituary of Dr Jan Dlask added.
  • After the City Court of Prague has registered VERITAS the section About VERITAS updated, as well as the Regulations.
  • The new minimal amount of the VERITAS member fee (valid since January 1, 2024) quoted in the Member Application.
December 3, 2023 Held and recommended events in calendar updated.
August 10, 2023 New volume of the Voice magazine published.
May 29, 2022
  • New volume of the Bulletin VERITAS published.
  • Contact via new VERITAS data box added.
March 24, 2022 The First Czech-Korean Conference (2018) compilation added for download.
January 23, 2022 The Regulations of VERITAS updated.
August 4, 2021 The exposition The Czech Reformation in European Context has been translated into English.
July 28, 2021 Basic information about the topic "Virgin Mary Column at the Old Town Square in Prague" added also in English (including the analysis of the historical document "Wallenstein Thesis" from 1661).
April 3, 2021 Catalogue of the VERITAS Library updated.
November 17, 2020 Downloadable original Edition of the Toleration Applications volume for Jihlava region (together with the map of orientation) added to its section.
October 17, 2020 The official YouTube channel of VERITAS founded.
April 12, 2020 The text of the lecture by M. Soukup from the international conference in Plzeň.
April 12, 2020 English subtitles for the film Tracing the Silent People in the Land added.
April 4, 2020 Links to both language versions of the film Tracing the Silent People in the Land added.
March 21, 2020 Editon of the Toleration Applications: The digital reprint of the 1st edition of the volume: Land Moravia, region 5 Olomouc is now downloadable from the website.