The Application of the Member

Dear friends,

in December 1991 the Historical Society for Updating the Legacy of the Czech Reformation VERITAS was established. The goal of the Society is to study the history of the Churches of the Czech Reformation and to make the findings public by an appropriate way and to evolve the impulses of the Czech Reformation in these ways:

  1. Historical research in the branch of the History of the Christian Church focused on the Czech Reformation.
  2. Research in the branch of genealogy focused on the important ancestries of the protestant history.
  3. Presentation of the results of the research work to all who take interest in it, including the younger generation (exhibitions, lectures, work assemblies, etc.)

We offer you membership in this Society. It is not necessary to be a historian or to have any special education in history to become a member. The members of VERITAS are professional historians, however, the major part of members are, rather, favourers, fellows and others interested in the goals of the Society.

The annual membership fee in VERITAS (valid since 2024) does for:
a) gainfully employed member: 500 CZK/20 € (minimal amount),
b) not gainfully employed member, student and pensioner: 250 CZK/10 € (minimal amount).

The duties and discretion of the members are described in the Regulations. Members who regularly pay get also free periodicals of VERITAS and invitations for VERITAS events are sent to them.

If you decide to become a member, please, download and fill in the application form (lower) and send it to this address:

Historická společnost VERITAS
Kpt. Jaroše 1109/26

Note: Applications delivered by email are not accepted!

Download the Application Form for print
  application.pdf (75 kB, Adobe® Portable Document Format)