The Inland and External Cooperation

VERITAS currently cooperates with these establishments:

Historical Society of the French Protestantism (Société de l'Histoire du Protestantisme Français) — a French analogy of the Society VERITAS with more than one and half centennial history that has been an ideal for VERITAS

Civic Association Evangnet (Občanské sdružení Evangnet) that's object is help to the development of Internet using in work of Churches and deepen the knowledge of new mass medias in Church generally. VERITAS is the collective member of the association Evangnet.

Civic Association Exulant (Občanské sdružení Exulant) of descendants of the post-White-Mountain period's refugees and their friends

Society for History and Homeland Studies MORAVIAN in Suchdol upon Oder that associates the admirers of the legacy of the Moravian Brethren, who emigrated from Suchdol and its surroundings for faith in the post-White-Mountain period.

Unity of Constance—Association of Evangelic Christians, r.a. (Kostnická jednota—spolek evangelických křesťanů, z.s.) — ecumenical organisation of Protestants arisen from the Czech Reformation

Johannes Mathesius Society — Association of Sudeten-German Protestants (Johannes-Mathesius-Gesellschaft — Evangelische Sudetendeutsche e. V.), constituted by parsons, members (and descendants) of former German Protestant (Lutheran) Church in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia for keeping the Church-historical research, saving the legacy of their Church and its presentation to the next generations.

The Reformed Church of France (Église Réformée de France) — its “missionary branch” (Coordination Témoigner-Servir) — and all other establishments involved to the Protestant Museums Conference (Colloque des Musées protestants)